BBC纪录片:野性水域终极挑战 Ultimate Wild Water 高清720P下载

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BBC纪录片:野性水域终极挑战 Ultimate Wild Water 高清720P下载图片
资源格式: 720P
发行时间: 2010年
制作发行: BBC
地区: 英国

中文名: BBC 野性水域终极挑战
英文名: BBC Ultimate Wild Water

记者Kate Silverton离开安全的BBC演播室,来到英国最快的河流和最颠簸的海域展开一场惊心动魄的历险。

Journalist Kate Silverton abandons the safety of her BBC studio to embark on an adrenalin-fuelled journey of discovery through Britain’s fastest flowing rivers and most turbulent seas. Amid the pounding North Cornish surf, Kate’s childhood fear of open water dramatically re-awakens. Now she must conquer not only strong currents, huge waves and white water, but also her own worst nightmares.

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